To our students:

We unequivocally reject white supremacy and racism.

The racist violence in Charlottesville requires that we reaffirm our commitment to equality, justice, and democracy in society, on campus, and in our classrooms. No matter the name or label, white supremacist, anti-Semitic, and racist thought and action are antithetical to our values. We will uphold the University’s mission, which states that UNR “recognizes and embraces the critical importance of diversity” and “is committed to a culture of excellence, inclusion, and accessibility.”

We recognize that racism is endemic to our society and institutions, and we pledge to understand and combat it, including through our collective scholarship, teaching, and service.

We want you, our students, to know that we are committed to creating a campus where all can learn. Our doors are open should you want support.

Cari Cunningham (Theatre and Dance)
Jenanne Ferguson (Anthropology)
Deborah A. Boehm (Anthropology and Gender, Race, and Identity)
Christopher Church (History)
Emily K. Hobson (History/Gender, Race, and Identity)
Daniel Ryan Morse (English)
Deborah Achtenberg (Philosophy)
Jen Hill (English and Gender, Race, & Identity)
Ann Keniston (English)
Meredith Oda (History)
John D Benjamin (Core Humanities)
Katherine Hepworth (Journalism)
Sheila Peuchaud (Reynolds School of Journalism)
Alan Deutschman (Journalism)
Patrick File (School of Journalism)
Jennifer Willett (Social Work)
Nico Colombant (Reynolds School of Journalism)
Donica Mensing (Journalism)
Siobhan Mulreany (World Languages and Literatures)
Jason Fisette (Philosophy)
Kari Barber (Journalism)
Jodi Thomas (Counseling Services)
Joseph Walloch (Counseling Services)
Ben Birkinbine (Journalism)
Sarah Cummings (Chemistry)
Bernadette M Hinojos (Counseling Services)
Howard Goldbaum (Journalism)
M. Todd Felts (Journalism)
Carolyn White (Anthropology)
Mikaela Rogozen-Soltar (Anthropology)
Geoff Smith (Anthropology)
Laura Crosswell (Reynolds School of Journalism)
Debra Moddelmog (College of Liberal Arts)
Sarah Cowie (Anthropology)
Erin Stiles (Anthropology)
Marian Berryhill (Psychology)
Dianna Townsend (College of Education)
Adriano Cabral (Theatre and Dance)
Amy Ginder (Gender, Race and Identity)
Patrick T. Jackson (Gender, Race, and Identity)
Kjerstin Gruys (Sociology)
Daniel Cook (Community Health Sciences)
Alissa Surges (English)
Stephen Lazer (Core Humanities)
Albert R Lee (Music)
Nathan Ragain (English)
Megan Cannella (English)
Katherine Fusco (English)
Patricia Eagan (English and Gender, Race, & Identity)
Alison Harvey (Gender, Race, and Identity, and Core Humanities)
Vicki Sink (Philosophy)
Marc Johnson (President)
A, Absher (GRI)
Julianne Lindberg (Music)
Donnelyn Curtis (University Libraries)
Charles Tshimanga-Kashama (History)
Ashley Hanna (Social Work)
Gideon Paul Caplovitz (Psychology)
Zelalem Bogale (GRI)
Cheryl Maes (Sociology)
Christopher Coake (English)
Michael P. Branch (English)
Barbara Walker (History)
Daniel Enrique Pérez (Core Humanities)
Carlos Mariscal (Philosophy)
Sarah Purdy (Gender, Race, and Identity Program)
Peter Epstein (Music)
Julie Lucero (School of Community Health Sciences)
Eric Fassbender (Music)
James Winn (Music)
Ignacio Montoya (English)
Philip Manwell (Music)
Olga Perez Flora (Music)
Chris Earle (English)
Justin Hubbard (Music)
Elisabeth Miller (English)
Albina Asryan (Music)
H. Helen Lee (Music)
Paul Torkelson (Music)
Suzette Thoeni (Music)
Mary V. Miller (Music)
Danne Polk (Music)
Jose Flores (Music)
Cody Remaklus (Music)
Ruthie Meadows (Music)
Andrew G. Heglund (Music)
Valerio Morucci (Music)
Vanessa Vancour (Reynolds School of Journalism)
Christina Robertson (English)
Amy Pason (Communication Studies)
Ron Lembke (Marketing)
Sandra Ott (Basque Studies/Communication Studies)
Larry Engstrom (Music)
David Durham (English)
Ian Clayton (English)
DeAunn Davis (Music)
Veronica Zepeda (Graduate School/Graduate Student Association)
Lorena Stookey (English Department)
Ian Wallace (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Adam benjamin (Music)
Laina Geary (Chemistry)
Chris Mays (English)
Citlalin Xochime (English)
Christopher Jeffrey (Chemistry)
Betty Glass (UNR Libraries)
Dennis Cronan (English)
Iñaki Arrieta Baro (Jon Bilbao Basque Library)
Emily Dunster (UNR Libraries)
Robin Monteith (University Libraries)
Mariann Vaczi (Center for Basque Studies)
Rosalind Bucy (Libraries)
Maryan Tooker (Libraries)
Hans Halt (Music)
Brian Frost (chemistry)
Samuel Odoh (Chemistry)
Kent Ervin (Chemistry)
Wesley Chalifoux (Chemistry)
Laura Rocke (MIKC)
Won-Gyu Choi (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Su-Hwa Kim (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Jeremy Floyd (Libraries)
Joe Cline (Chemistry)
Juliana Lessa Sacoman (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
John Cushman (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Theresa Danna-Douglas (Libraries/DAR)
Yftah Tal-Gan (Chemistry)
Teresa Schultz (Library)
Joseba Zulaika (Center for Basque Studies)
Grant R. Cramer (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Nancy Downey (Sociology)
Jason Shearer (Chemistry)
Ethan Gray (Music)
Claus Tittiger (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Dennis A. Hawkins, Jr. (Department of Music)
Kyle Jackson (GRI)
Steven Harris (Libraries)
Kelsey Edmondson (Library)
Patrick Harris (English)
Jack Hayes (Biology)
Patricia Ellison (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Elizabeth Ball (Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering)
Christopher Barile (Chemistry)
Jessie Clark (Geography)
Geoffrey Blewitt (NBMG and Physics)
Vince Catalano (Chemistry)
Katia Albright (Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering)
Lyndsay Munro (Chemistry)
Elena Pravosudova (Biology)
Alex Kumjian (Mathematics and Statistics)
Mark PInsky (Department of Mathematics and Statistics)
Guy Hoelzer (Biology)
Thomas Albright (Geography)
Paula Noble (Geological Sciences & Engineering)
Paul Hurtado (Mathematics & Statistics)
Stanislav Jabuka (Mathematics and Statistics)
Michelle Wilson (World Languages and Literatures)
Sudeep Chandra (Biology)
Pavel Solin (Math & Stat)
Thomas Parchman (Biology)
Dahlia Dwedar (World Languages & Literatures)
Mar Inestrillas (World Languages and Literatures)
Gina Tempel (College of Science)
Charlie Nazemian (Mathematics And Statistics)
Melodi Rodrigue (Physics)
Pamela Sandstrom (Biology)
Yinghan Chen (Mathematics & Statistics)
Ronald Pardini (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Chris Herald (Mathematics & Statistics)
Scott McCoy (Geology and Geological Engineering)
Valentin Deaconu (Math & Stat)
Simon Pieraut (Biology)
Pedro Miura (Biology)
Linda Curcio (History)
Kathleen Boardman (English)
Kirstin Swagman (College of Engineering)
Robert Sheridan (Chemistry)
Kari Johnson (Teaching & Learning Technology)
Kristin Lewis (Physics)
Tomasz J. Kozubowski (Mathematics & Statistics)
Paige Hernandez (Mathematics and Statistics)
Masato Morita (Physics)
Adam Csank (Geography)
Brett Van Hoesen (Art/Art History)
Lee Dyer (Biology)
William Arnott (Physics)
Jane Detweiler (College of Liberal Arts)
Kathy Ray (Libraries)
Jenna N. Hanchey (Communication Studies)
Matthew Tucker (Chemistry)
Rosie Trump (Theatre and Dance)
Renata Keller (History)
Patricia Ferreira dos Santos (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Thomas Quint (Mathematics and Statistics)
Elizabeth Villalobos (World Languages and Literatures)
John Louie (Seismological Laboratory)
Silvia Biehl (World Languages and Literatures)
Isabelle Favre (World Languages and Literatures)
Jennifer Ng (History)
Debra Vigil (Speech Pathology & Audiology)
Hiroshi Sawada (Physics)
Michelle Rachal (Savitt Medical Library)
David Rondel (Philosophy)
Chris Feldman (Biology)
Melissa Burnham (Education)
Jennifer Mortensen (College of Education)
Jeryl Concepcion (Business)
Angela Bennett (English)
Miriam Volpin (Orvis School of Nursing)
David Leitner (Chemistry)
Ken Nussear (Geography)
Jill Packman (Counseling and Educational Psychology)
Matthew Forister (Biology)
Greg Mosier (College of Business)
MaryAnn Demchak (College of Education)
Anna Kalminskaia (World Languages and Literatures)
David Bennum (Physics)
Amit Saini (Mathematics & Statistics)
Costantina Cunningham (World Languages and Literatures)
Kira Harnack (Music)
Birant Ramazan (Mathematics and Statistics)
Marcus R. Brooks (Accounting)
Ted Oleson (Economics)
Lydia DeFlorio (Human Development & Family Studies)
Elliott Parker (Economics, College of Business)
Graham Slater (Sociology/Gender, Race, and Identity/Education)
Stacia Gordon (Geological Sciences and Engineering)
Loretta Singletary (Economics & Cooperative Extension)
Heriberto “Eddie” Pinon (College of Business)
Christine Adelaja (College of Business)
Alexander van der Linden (Biology)
Armina Karapetian (College of Business)
Alice Wieland (Managerial Sciences)
Blane Harding (College of Science)
Lynni Weibezahl (World Languages and Literatures)
Rafik I. Beekun (Managerial Sciences)
Jeffrey Harper (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Karla Peters-Van Havel (College of Business)
Nikki Murphy (Speech Pathology & Audiology)
Frank Fossen (Economics)
Tara Radniecki (DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library)
Mehmet Tosun (Economics)
Malieka Landis (Economics)
Stavitsky (Reynolds School of Journalism)
Ken Coll (Education)
Brenda Freeman (Counseling and Educational Psychology and Cooperative Extension)
Anne Carpenter (Economics)
Garret Ridinger (Managerial Sciences)
Mehmet S. Tosun (ECONOMICS)
Adriana Varga (Core Humanities)
Dana Edberg (College of Business, Information Systems)
Emily Berthelot (Criminal Justice)
Brittney May (Music)
Adam Snider (Music)
Jeremy Tiedt (Business Student Success Center)
Bruno Bauer (Physics)
Gailmarie Pahmeier (English)
Samantha Espana (COB)
James Sundali (Management)
Benjamin King (Chemistry, Professor and Chair)
Heather Holmes (Physics)
Hanna Damke (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Dana Miller (Libraries)
Melissa Perez-Rios (College of Business)
Jamie Voyles (Biology)
Paul McFarlane (College of Science)
Todd Sorensen (Economics)
Rob Miller (College of Business-Dean’s Office)
Dennis Green (College of Business)
Tania Leal (WLL)
Morgan Zuziak (Student Life Services)
Tynan Kelly (Mathematics & Statistics)
Maureen McBride (University Writing Center)
Chuck Price (Joe Crowley Student Union)
Rachel Willimott (Counseling Services)
Bret Leary (Marketing)
Michael Taylor (Economics)
Amy J. Hunsaker (Library)
Kyra Stull (Anthropology)
Andrew Nuss (Agriculture, Nutrition, and Veterinary Science)
Molly Beisler (Libraries)
Ian McGlory (Special Collections)
Greta de Jong (History)
Janell Mahoney (Chemistry)
Marin Pilloud (Anthropology)
Sheila Leslie (Community Health Sciences and School of Social Work)
David Calvert (Journalism)
Martha L. Hildreth (History)
Kristin Burgarello (Development and Alumni Relations)
Stefanie Givens (Development, College of Science)
Hugh Shapiro (History)
Torrey Hood (Development & Alumni Relations)
William D Rowley (History)
Moran, Bruce (History)
Edward Schoolman (History)
Philipp Ruprecht (Geological Sciences and Engineering)
Ray Silva (IT Libraries)
John G. Anderson (Nevada Seismological Laboratory & Department of Geological Sciences and Engineering)
Cameron Strang (History)
Julie Mathews (Development and Alumni Relations, College of Liberal Arts)
Marina Oster (Music)
Sarah Hulse (English)
Kerri Jean Ormerod (Geography/Cooperative Extension)
Sandy Haslem (Nevada Industry Excellence)
Rhonda Hohenstein (Nevada Industry Excellence)
John Trent (Marketing Communications)
Melanie Duckworth (Psychology)
Mike Wolterbeek (Communications Office)
Thomas White (Marketing Communications)
Susan Welsh (Geology)
Claudia Ortega-Lukas (Marketing & Communications)
Thomas Burnham (Marketing)
Patricia Richard (Diversity Initiatives)
Kevin Stevens (History)
Jessica Garfield (NV INBRE/Office of Medical Research)
Andrea Juillerat-Olvera (Disability Resource Center)
Tom Harrison (Counseling and Educational Psychology)
Peter Weisberg (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Amilton de Mello (Agriculture, Nutrition, and Veterinary Sciences)
Devon Snyder (ANVS)
Sung-Yeon Park (School of Community Health Sciences)
Mary E. Hylton (School of Social Work)
Chad Hartley (Intercollegiate Athletics)
Melissa O’Brien (School of Medicine)
Stephanie Woolf (EH&S)
Maggie Ressel (Libraries)
Elizabeth Leger (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Kristi Van Gorder (College of Liberal Arts)
Lisa Genasci (Research & Innovation)
Trudy Larson (School of Community Health Sciences)
Thomas Dilts (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Philip Sharp (Communication Studies)
Zachary Walker (School of Medicine)
Lucy Walker (Marketing and Communications)
Erika Waday (Sponsored Projects)
Lindsey Gray (Community Health Sciences)
Eugenie MontBlanc (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Reed Chamberlin (Music)
Cheston Carpenter (Environmental Health and Safety)
Robert Quinn (NevadaTeach)
Manos Maragakis (College of Engineering)
Lisa Thomas (Nursing)
Jessica Gaubatz (Athletics Department)
Zhizhong Li (Orvis School of Nursing)
Jacquelyn Johnson (Counseling Services)
LaVerne Zuk (Development & Alumni Relations – IT)
David Shintani (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology / CABNR)
Javad Sattarvand (Mining and Metallurgical Engineering)
Alice Heiman (College of Business, Entrepreneurship)
Sunni Ivey (Physics)
Jasia Beehler (Development and Alumni Relations)
Felipe Barrios Masias (Agriculture, Nutrition and Veterinary Sciences)
Jung Hwan Kim (Biology)
Candice Gaytán (Education)
Stallar Lufrano-Jardine (College of Business)
Miya Hannan (Art)
Maria Young (Counseling Services)
Annette Anderson-Engler (School of Social Work)
Eric Marchand (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Dean Burkin (Pharmacology)
Kate Pollard (Music)
Cindy Lancaster (Psychology)
Janet Usinger (College of Education)
Erica Stichter (CASAT)
Juli Petereit (Research and Innovation, VP)
Clayton Peoples (Sociology, School of Social Research and Justice Studies)
Debra Stiver (Economics)
M. Saiid Saiidi (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Jacqueline Pistorello (Counseling Services)
Angela Chase (Online Learning/365 Learning)
Federico Guerrero (Economics)
David AuCoin (Microbiology and Immunology)
Ian M. Hartshorn (Political Science)
Edan Strekal (Libraries–Special Collections.)
Barbara Kohlenberg (Psychiatry and Family Medicine)
Markus Kemmelmeier (Sociology/Interdisciplinary Social Psychology Ph.D. Program)
Wenrong Cao (Geological Sciences and Engineering)
Tami Brancamp (Speech Pathology & Audiology)
Derek Furukawa (Provost Office/Academic Advising)
Oren Shelef (Biology)
Carolina Martinez (Office for Prospective Students)
Walt Mandeville (VPRI-OAR)
Megan Almansoori (School of Medicine)
Steven Hayes (Psychology)
Yanyao Jiang (Mechanical Engineering)
Ana de Bettencourt-Dias (Research and Innovation/Chemistry)
Sarali Diaz (Office of Information Technology)
Julie Smith-Gagen (Community Health Sciences)
Ryne Rezac (Football- Athletics)
Jennifer Massie (Social Work)
Tim Smith (Core Humanities)
Perry Fittrer (Academic and Opportunity Support Programs)
Leslie Nady (Library & Information Technology Administration)
Gavin Mayer (Theatre and Dance)
Fang Jiang (Psychology)
Yes (Rebekah Lembke)
Martin Markee (Office of Information Technology)
Jeremiah Stark (Information Systems)
Amanda Yonan (Biology)
David Sanders (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Anne Bolstad (College of Science)
Virender Shergill (RLHFS)
Gwen Shonkwiler (School of Medicine)
Juana Reynoza-Gomez (CABNR Student Center, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources)
Glenn C Miller (Natural Resources and Env. Science)
Allison Bussa (Disability Resource Center)
Binod Guragai (Accounting)
David White (Administration and Finance)
Barbara Scott (Pediatrics)
Maritza Machado-Williams (Office of International Students and Scholars)
Melodie Gander (Sponsored Projects)
Cindy Thomas (Sponsored Projects)
Nicole Shearer (Office of Marketing and Communications)
Heather Williams (TRiO & McNair Scholars)
Richard Grefrath (University Libraries)
David Hanigan (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Sherry Waugh (Child & Family Research Center)
Su Hoon Tan (Joe Crowley Student Union)
Tiffany Young (Human Development and Family Studies)
Anna Panorska (Mathematics and Statistics)
Christopher Partridge (Center for Student Engagement)
Diana J. Pfalmer (Financial Aid)
Christopher Chadwick (University Tutoring Center)
Francesco Marini (Psychology)
W.T. Pfefferle (English)
Andrzej Trzynadlowski (Electrical & Biomedical Engineering)
Robert Harvey (Pharmacology)
Josh Garn (Community Health Sciences)
Danelle Clarke (University Math Center)
Adrian Harpold (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Mary Shultz (Savitt Medical Library)
Caitlin McKinney (Enrollment Services)
Shanon Taylor (College of Education)
Abbie Olszewski (Speech Pathology and Audiology)
Ann Bingham (College of Education)
Denise F. Quirk (Community Health Sciences)
Aqueelah Thompson (University Advising Center)
Janita Jobe (Libraries)
Janita Ethridge (Community Health Sciences)
Jake Wendt (SCHS)
Alison Gaulden, APR (Journalism)
Adam Kirn (Engineering Education)
Jonathan King (Facilities Planning and Construciton)
Scott Kelley (Geography)
Emily E. Jackson (Department of Biology)
Angela O’Callaghan (Cooperative Extension/CABNR)
David Feil-Seifer (Computer Science & Engineer)
Moses Achoka (Development and Alumni Relations)
Victoria LeGarde (CASAT)
Denise Montcalm (Social Work)
Sushil Louis (Computer Science and Engineering)
Rahul Bhargava (MGRS)
Anna Lincoln (College of Liberal Arts Student Center)
Matt Strickland (Community Health Sciences)
Turker Topcu (Mathematics and Statistics)
Jerome Maese (Residential Life, Housing & Food Services)
Steve Maples (Admissions)
Bradley Ferguson (Agriculture, Nutrition & Veterinary Sciences)
Marrissa Markee (Education Advisement Center)
Tracy Shane (Agriculture, Nutrition & Veterinary Science)
Josh Baker (Pharmacology)
Gi-Eu Lee (Economics)
Marjorie Matocq (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Elizabeth Wesseling (Development and Alumni Relations)
Monica Miller (Criminal Justice/Interdisciplinary Social Psychology PhD program)
Amy Fitch (Community Health Sciences)
Judith Ames Whitenack (Emerita) (World Languages and Literatures)
Ben Roberts (Physics)
Chuck Robinson (English)
Paul Knox (English)
Judith Ames Whitenack (World Languages and Literatures)
Shanelle Davis (Community Health Sciences)
Bretton Rodriguez (Core Humanities)
Elizabeth Sedano (CABNR)
Dennis Dworkin (History)
Megan Pittman (Student Services – VP Office)
Michael Averett (Facilities Services)
Nicole Allen (Libraries)
Christina Tin (Office for Prospective Students)
Teri Galvin (Admissions and Records)
Bryan McAllister (Music)
Amy Hughes Lansing (Psychology)
James Cho (Joe Crowley Student Union)
Kathleen Leonard (Department of World Languages & Literatures)
Elizabeth Xeng de los Santos (Teacher Education)
Alyssa O’Hair (CASAT)
Brock A. Young (Environmental Health & Safety)
Adele Fung (School of Medicine)
Angelina Padilla (Mechanical Engineering)
Randy Ringstad (Mathematics & Statistics/Ext. Studies)
James C. Cox (Joe Crowley Student Union)
Alex Vanderhoff (Research & Innovation)
Elizabeth Barile (Chemistry)
AJ Kenneson (KUNR)
Shawn Pennell (Raggio Center for STEM Education)
Brighid Fronapfel, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA (Nevada Center for Excellence in Disabilities)
Melanie Flores (School of Community Health Sciences)
Janet Sanderson (President’s Office)
Steven Wilson (Political Science)
Maureen Cronin (Office of Admissions and Records)
Paul Verburg (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Verla M. Jackson (School of Social Work)
Candice Bauer (Engineering)
Ryan Mitchell (Intercollegiate Services)
Eelke Folmer (Computer Science and Engineering)
Yue Huang (Counseling Services)
Kelly Northridge (College of Business, Entrepreneurship)
Kamil Shankar (Financial Aid)
Horace Edmund Corey III (Department of Music)
Professor Kimberly Rollins (Economics)
Patrick Ragains (University Libraries (Emeritus))
Elysse Kompaniez-Dunigan (Counseling Services)
Erin Edgington (Honors Program)
Pamela Everett (Criminal Justice)
Chris Orr (Journalism)
David Kurtmen (Family Medicine)
Glenn Waddell, Jr (NevadaTeach)
Robert L. Ostergard, Jr (Political Science)
Hao Xu (Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Lindsay Diamond (College of Education)
Berch Berberoglu (Sociology)
Nancy Markee (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Mandi Collins (NevadaTeach)
Christopher von Nagy (GRI)
Caroline Cobine (Physiology and Cell Biology)
Alia Tuqan (Internal Medicine)
Nadia Samad Locey (Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences)
Jonathan Villalobos (English)
Matthew Locey (Psychology)
Rachel Flanigan (Economics)
Chris Rogers (Mathematics & Statistics)
Theo Meek (Admissions and Records)
Diana Jonmarie (Core Humanities)
Ed Huffman (Teaching & Learning Technologies)
Karl Fendelander (Office of Marketing & Communications)
L. Martina Young, Ph.D. (Core Humanities)
Sommer Atchley (365 Learning)
Justin Howe (Student Financial Aid & Scholarships)
Amy Metcalf (Intensive English Language Center)
Amanda Leiner (Real Estate)
Carolina Stickley (Admissions and Records)
Wendy-Anne Bishop (Sponsored Projects)
Michael Manalo (Office of Information Technology)
Katie Jefferson (Savitt Medical Library)
Rebecca Fisher (Engineering)
Spencer Lewis (Environmental Health & Safety)
Kenneth Hunter (Microbiology and Immunology)
Chris Westin (TRiO Scholars Program)
Monica Maccaux (Art/Graphic Design)
Inge Bruggeman (Art)
Ronald Breitmeyer (Geological Sciences and Engineering)
Kirk Bronander (Internal Medicine)
Aldrin M Santamaria (CABNR)
Dylan Coleman-Tunstall (Music)
Myung Chul Jo (EH&S)
Adilia Ross (Office of International Students and Scholars)
Brendon Bray (Intercollegiate Athletics)
Gi Woong Yun (Reynolds School of Journalism)
David Branby (Marketing & Communications)
Mike Teglas (Agriculture, Nutrition and Veterinary Sciences)
Megan Beckam (NevadaTeach)
Adrienne L. Edwards (Education – Human Development and Family Studies)
Cindy Marczynski (Counseling Services)
Craig D. Dodson (Chemistry)
Jennifer Bennett (School of Medicine)
Mike McDowell (Office of Marketing and Communications)
Gina Sella (College of Science Advising)
Jennifer Hagen (School of Medicine)
Joy Orlich (Northern Nevada International Center)
Yong Zhang (Biology)
Tricia Woodliff (Counseling and Educational Psychology)
Robert Gutierrez-Perez (Communication Studies)
Amanda Levens (Nevada Women’s Basketball)
Brett McElhaney (College of Engineering)
Kim R. Doyle (School of Medicine: American Sign Language ASL)
Alison Johnson (English)
Laura Gonsalves (Nevada Women’s Basketball)
Rachel G. Salas (Language, Literacy, and Culture – COE)
Jessica Gallo (College of Education)
Lars Strother (Psychology)
Susan G. Harris (Sanford Center for Aging & School of Social Work)
Michael Crognale (Psychology)
Paul MacNeilage (Psychology)
Kate Berry (Geography)
Eric Albers (School of Social Work)
Jacqueline Snow (Psychology/CBS)
Jae Eun Namkoong (Marketing)
Jennifer Pierce (Social Work)
Kirsten Lorenzen (Internal Medicine)
Amber Yoder (University of Nevada, Cooperative Extension)
Lisa K. Taylor (University of Nevada Cooperative Extension)
Paul Brett (Microbiology and Immunology)
Stephanie McAfee (Geography)
Lia Schraeder (Instructional Design)
Natalie Fry (Marketing and Communications)
Deaon Kolbet-Clausell (MarCom)
Mary T. Calhoon (Career Studio)
James Carr (Geological Sciences and Engineering)
Pat Wilson (College of Science)
Banmali Rawat (Electrical and Biomedical Engineering)
Aaron Blackham (School of Social Work)
James R. Carr (Geological Sciences and Engineering)
Heidi Kratsch (University of Nevada Cooperative Extension)
Thomas W. Bell (Chemistry)
Marlene Rebori (Extension)
Mary Burtnick (Microbiology & Immunology)
Jenna Dewar (Human Development and Family Studies/College of Education Advising)
Amy Arias (Communication Studies)
Caitlin Earley (Art)
Annie Trinh (English)
Alfred Schissler (Mathematics & Statistics)
Eleni Oikonomidoy (College of Education)
Dylan Mooney (Athletics)
Garrett Barmore (Keck Museum)
Sandra Rodriguez (The Center for Student Engagement)
Shera Alberti-Annunzio (Extended Studies)
Jill S. Heaton (Geography)
Nancy LaTourrette (Computer Science & Engineering)
James Flora (Music Department)
Bob Felten (Reynolds School)
Katy Schleef (Office of the Provost)
Kerri L. Garcia (Marketing Communications)
Jeffrey Hutsler (Psychology/Cognitive and Brain Sciences)
Ethan Ris (College of Education)
Beth Padovan (College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources)
Jennifer Carson (Community Health Sciences)
Jamie Roice-Gomes (Extension)
Greg Mulder (English)
April Heiselt (School of Medicine)
Jeff Thompson (Science)
Jeffrey Pannell (Office of International Students and Scholars)
Ricardo Salazar (The Center: Every Student. Every Story.)
Natalie Turley (English, Core Writing)
Jaivime Evaristo (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Ivy Chin (Engineering Advising Center)
Dan Ruby (Fleischmann Planetarium)
Emily Crawford (Academic & Opportunity Support Programs – GEAR UP)
Araceli Martinez (The Center: Every Story. Every Student.)
Michael Fernbach (Theatre and Dance)
Jessica Flood (Social Work)
Alex Moreno (Admissions and Records)
Tracy Wheeler (Sponsored Projects)
Victor R Vasquez (Chemical and Materials Engineering)
Glenn Hagerstrom (Orvis School of Nursing)
Kyle Weerheim (Libraries/TLT)
Colleen Murray (Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Psychology PhD Program)
Negar Nicole Jacobs (Psychiatry, UNR Med)
Edward C Keppelmann (Mathematics)
Christy Jerz (School of Medicine)
Quinn Pauly, MD (School of Medicine)
Tamara Scronce (Art)
Al Stavitsky (Journalism)
Kostas Alexis (Computer Science & Engineering)
Jessica Mougeotte (Communication Studies)
Alcira Pastula (Office of Information Technology)
Shauna Uselman (Natural Resources and Environmental Science)
Adriel Hollandsworth (Facilities Planning & Construction)
Olivia Bell (Communication Studies)
Peter Murphy (NRES, Adjunct)
Tanuja Miura (Community Health Sciences)
Jacque Ewing-Taylor (CASAT)
Teruni Lamberg (College of Education)
Jacquelyn Hill (CASAT)
Kristen Clements-Nolle (Community Health Sciences)
Anne Leonard (Biology)
Paul Devereux (Community Health Sciences)
Eda Dedebas Dundar (Core Humanities)
Bret A. Davis (Human Development and Family Studies/ Communication Studies)
Katelyn Caufield (SCH (CRDA))
Bill Hammond (Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology)
Daniel M Valle (TRiO Scholars Program)
Chunlin Liu (College of Business)
Susan Chandler (Social Work)
Jennifer Ring (Political Science)
Louis Forline (Anthropology)
Danny Sierra (Raggio Research Center for STEM Education)
Tobie Barton (CASAT/CHS)
John Cushman (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
Maureen Barnes (Orvis School of Nursing)
Sam Buchanan (Art)
Diana Lovendino (Education)
Ellen Houston (Upward Bound Programs)
Zeb Hogan (Biology)
Erica Shumaker (English)
Joey Ray (College of Business)
Judith A. Sugar (Community Health Sciences)
Kris Kruse (Nevada Genomics Center)
Toby Toland (Residential Life)
Susan Dees (Sponsored Projects)
Meg Fitzgerald (Engineering)
Desirae Acosta (Academic Opportunity & Support Programs)
Melody Hefner (Cooperative Extension)
Maria C. Duque-Rueda (Libraries)
Michelle Rebaleati (@ One Digital Media)
Barbara Small (Music)
Thomas Crow (Office of Information Technology)
Brad Wuest (Office of Information Technology)
Lauren M. Block (Criminal Justice)
Mary Heid (Enrollment Services)
Peter Picetti (English)
Stephen C. Eubanks (Music)
Xander Thomassian (Office of Information Technology)
Chris Ressel (Office of Information Technology)
Pedro Juarez (Office of Information Technology)
Yun Ku (College of Liberal Arts)
Patricia Berninsone (Biology)
Becky Earl (Office of International Students & Scholars)
Daniel Gebhardt (Philosophy)
Jared Bok (Sociology)
Erin Parker (Disability Resource Center)


709 signatories

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  1. Jan Cunningham

    Bravo to all who have signed and commented in support and alliance to this strong and diverse university and for taking the time and thoughtfulness to take a stand!!!

  2. Daniel Gebhardt (Philosophy)

    In full solidarity with this much-needed denunciation of the emptiness and evil of racism.

  3. Jessica Younger Dickens (Health Sciences)

    What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander.
    -Elie Wisel

  4. Roxanne Piskel

    As a classified staff member with the NevadaTeach program, I echo the statement of this letter. I reject white supremacy and racism, and open my door to any students who needs support. Thank you to the faculty members who have signed here and have pledged to make our campus one dedicated to equality, justice and democracy.

  5. Melissa Garvin

    Thanks to the staff at UNR for being some of the most committed and caring people I’ve come across. You make UNR a great place to learn, not only about English or math or art, but about life itself. You are great examples for your students in the art of navigating life.

  6. Carlos

    Thank you for standing in support when others his behind the rise of freedom of speech and this being okay. It’s not okay. Freedom of speech and hate speech are two very different things.

  7. Sophia Pierce

    As a graduate and current employee of this university, we must do better to address and eliminate issues of racism on campus, whether it be between students or faculty or both. No more protection for hatred.

  8. James Carr

    I grew up in an Air Force family; dad was a medical lab technician. President Eisenhower integrated the military plus/minus the time I was born (1957). By the time I was of school age, classrooms I was in were likewise integrated. I never witnessed the racism against which Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. fought – not until dad was transferred to Luke AFB in Phoenix, AZ. I then saw the prejudice against migrant farm workers, and went to school with their kids. I got along by being nice to others.

  9. Kathleen Kimmel

    It is difficult to keep hate from rearing its ugly head in a free society. But this letter is an expression of courage, conscience and conviction, and these attributes will prevail at UNR. I’m so proud of my Alma Mater, my professors and friends who stand in solidarity for love and against hate.

  10. Rachel Maxey

    Thank you for standing against hate. Proud of my alma mater and former workplace today ❤️

  11. Brianna Soloski

    Brianna Soloski (former Development Assistant to the Director of Development for University Libraries, former student)

  12. A. Stewart

    As a community member, and former UNR student, I believe that true happiness comes from accepting each other for our wonderful differences. Those who drown in their own hate for others are doomed to suffer unhappiness. I applaud UNR for taking a pro-active stance against racism. It is a vital act for creating an environment that allows everyone an opportunity to flourish.

  13. Samantha Van Hoozer (Journalism, Sociology)

    Our University stands against hate, racism, and white supremacy in whatever name it may take.

  14. Jane Tors

    Proud to stand in support of the University of Nevada, Reno faculty members who have signed this pledge.

  15. Katherine Mauldin

    The first amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right of freedom of speech. But it does NOT follow that the speech and demonstration of hatred spread by the individual student in question or any other person sharing those comments and attitudes is what is ethically just or accurate. We must never forget the past incidences in which white supremacy reigned, as during World War II resulting in the Holocaust, nor the hate speech turned action of one group against another, such as with the genocide in Rwanda among other examples. My hope is that in the future we will learn from past errors in thought and action and prevent such deleterious ideology from renewing itself. Hopefully society can continue to grow through education, compassion and empathy for other human beings, so that love may prevail. I stand with these faculty, staff, and students in opposing hate and white supremacy or any other kind of supremacy.

  16. Barb Scott

    This makes me very proud of our university.
    We can learn from the mistakes of the past and speak out strongly against hate and help to create the world we want.

  17. Annette Anderson-Engler

    “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” – Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

  18. Kevin Carman

    Thank you to Jen Hill and faculty colleagues for your leadership in delivering this important statement of unity.

  19. Andrea Turman (administrative faculty, emerita)

    Thank you all UNR faculty who are speaking out by signing this important letter of affirmation and reaffirmation. Hoping that ALL teaching faculty will sign this and that all administrators will take note.

  20. Irshad Tabani

    I haven’t taken the time to personally thank the administration, staff, and even students who came out to reject this kind of talk in our society. We need to come together in a time of divisiveness, and ask ourselves whether we want to develop or wither. We can not progress in the face of hate and this is an excellent step in the right direction by the University to say “We will not wither. We will grow.”

  21. Mary Carlson

    Thank you, faculty members, for this strong repudiation of racism. You have moral authority in this community, and I’m very glad to see you exercise it publicly.

  22. Elvira Diaz

    We need to have a safe place to work and to learn been scare do to Hate is not what we are teaching to our children

  23. Amanda Summers (History, Core Humanities, Gender Race and Identity)

    Amanda Summers (History, Core Humanities, Gender Race and Identity)

  24. Marianne Davis (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

    The student does have the right to his opinion and mine is that he is mistaken.

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